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These Three Things
Early in 2006, I had a dream vision and was told in this vision to give out these three things where ever I served in Spiritualism.

I was told the first thing to proclaim was, "I found Christ in Spiritualism."

The second thing was to ask, "How many of you have heard choirs of angels or spirits in the beyond, singing Praises and worshiping God?"

I was shown around half the people would raise their hands. This has proved true.
And was told a "seed" has been planted in Spiritualism, a seed of true worship.

This is a change to modern Spiritualism the spirit-world desires to make. Like the pioneers of old patterned the Lyceum after how children are taught in the realm of spirit, so are we to pattern worship after how the higher souls in the beyond worship and they do worship! Will we allow this seed to bare fruit or will we continue to go down the same path we've been on that no longer works?

The third thing was to state, "I am an inspirational medium. This is a form of conscious channeling and I can do this with my eyes open or closed. How it works is that I'm enfolded with spiritual power and then the spirit working with me places thoughts within my mind that I am then compelled to speak. The stronger the power, the more I take on the personality of the spirit. This is working in oness with God and spirit."

"There is a way which you can throw me out of the body so the spirit can speak directly to you. The spirit-world requires proper conditions for this and those are: when you feel the spirit, lift your hand. When you do, it will increase your sensitivity to the spirit. If you want Rick Root out of the way you must respond to the spirit by using your voice and projecting that same spiritual energy back at me through your voice and hand. Push me out of the way. I will not fall."

I found Christ when I was 22. I had been a Spiritualist for 6 years and experienced many wonderful spiritual experiences and spirit manifestations and had started teaching a small group. Though I was studying under a wonderful Christian medium, I did not know where I personally stood where Jesus was concerned and was leaning in the direction that the need of Jesus was just a metaphysical principle or concept that wasn’t to be taken literally.

One afternoon I grew very tired and decided to lay down upon my bed and take a nap. When my head hit my pillow I was immediately in the spirit and found myself sitting on my couch in the living room with two of my students sitting on the floor before me. They said to me, “the need of Jesus is just a metaphysical concept, a principle.” I said, “No”. They said, “Wait!” I said, “No, you need Jesus!” Immediately this tremendous power came up within and all I could see was light. This power and light lifted me higher in the spirit. All I could say was, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, over and over... Without words, this power and light called me to submit and to give myself over to Jesus. As I continued to say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus... I gave myself over to him who was in the midst of this power and light. Once the process was completed I found myself floating above my bed and in the hands of a spirit that I immediately tried according to I John chapter 4, “do you confess that Jesus walked on the earth in the flesh?” Though I was taught this by my earthly teacher, this was the first time I had ever done it to any spirit and this spirit tried true. This trance vision continued on from here but this is all that anyone else needs to know.

From that day I have not been able to let Jesus go, nor have I been the same. Like Paul on the road to Damascus, I was claimed by him who I wasn’t seeking.
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