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The Flint Spiritual Church
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The Flint Spiritual Church is looking for a Youth Minister(s). This is a volunteer position and you don't have to be an Ordained Minister to serve in this position. We are looking for someone who will lay a strong spiritual foundation in the children to young adults within our church. Someone who will teach the Bible and the spiritual laws, simple effective prayer and meditation, the ministry of Angels, basic spiritual defense... so on under the guidance of the Pastor. And will also help with the development of sections of this website that will serve children to young adults around the world. This Youth Minister(s) will be responsible in maintaining an atmosphere of safe harbor for the spiritual growth and development of our youth. If you are interested in serving in this capacity please contact Rick Root at pastor.rick@flintspiritual.com
The Flint Spiritual Church is looking for Prayer Warriors. These persons must be committed to prayer and have at least a degree of effectiveness in it. They will maintain a prayer covering over this church and it's ministries. And will receive the Prayer Requests  from this website and pray over them. They will share with one another the prayer techniques and laws that they have found useful and effective. You don't have to be a member of this curch to participate. If you're interested please contact Pastor Rick or email prayerwarriors@flintspiritual.com
Assistant WebMinisters, Consultants, Artists & Others Needed.
2009 has been an interesting year.... I suffered a motherboard crash which corrupted windows at the same time... it took the tech a while to get it repaired, but he did manage to save most of my files, then my old computer still didn't seem right so I went out and bought a new one. I currently have mixed feelings where Windows Vista is concerned. Some of the programs that I was using to create the website will not work in Vista, even when you change the compatibility. I've tried other programs that do basically the same things but still can't get them to work in Vista. Thank God I've used the trial periods on the software instead of paying for them out right.

If you have experience with website creation, SEO, graphic art or other types of artwork, PHP and other scripts, My Sql data bases... and so on, and are willing to help in any capacity please contact Rick Root at pastor.rick@flintspiritual.com Thanks!

The F.S.C. is in need of volunteers who are willing to work hard to move this church into our next stage of existence by serving as Trustees on our Board of Directors. We are looking for persons of vision who are willing to take us through a paradigm shift of what a Spiritualist Church is and does, including the style of Worship Service. Volunteers must agree with our Articles of Faith. Our meetings will be held by conference call so you don't have to be local to the Flint area. An email account is required to receive our reports and other communications. If you would like to serve in this capacity please contact Rev. Rick Root at pastor.rick@flintspiritual.com