Our Mission:  The Flint Spiritual Church is an independent, progressive, non-traditional, Christian Church and is founded upon the sacred teachings of the Holy Bible; to bring mankind the understanding of spirituality according to the fundamentals of Spiritualism.
"Not man-made Christianity of the Churches, but Christ's Christianity will make you free."  Johannes Greber
"A Spiritualist is one who KNOWS we live on beyond the change called death." Spirit
After The Flint Spiritualist Church had been closed for several years and it's building in the possession of another congregation, Rev. Pearl Reinhardt appeared to one of her former students, Rev. Rick Root, and asked him to re-open her church.  After much deliberation and seeking of God it was decided that the best course of action would be to drop the "ist" and incorporate under the name, The Flint Spiritual Church.  With the guidance of God's spirit-world we adopted her Articles of Faith and it was at this point that she began to claim this as "her church" from the spirit side of life.  This church is a living memorial to Rev. Pearl Viola Reinhardt.

Like the Phoenix of legend, we arise from the ashes of a former existence with new life, purpose and vision. Letting go of the past, we reach forward expecting the fulfilment of the prophecies Rev. Reinhardt received concerning "her church".
"We pray to the God of our lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that he may give you a spirit of wisdom and insight, and so enable you to understand His divine nature, May He open your spiritual eyes so that you may see what hope is yours by virtue of His call, and how rich in His glory is the inheritance that you will share with His faithful, and also how vast is His power, as mainfested in us who believe in Him." Amen    Ephesians 1:17-19 Johannes Greber Translation
In Loving Memory

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